Pyxrootd bindings on macOS

The homebrew version of xrootd doesn’t come with python bindings for some reason. The python bindings are needed for reading remote ROOT files with python/uproot (not needed for C++ ROOT).

Adapted from:

# issue with python3 bindings, see
tar zxf v4.8.3.tar.gz && rm -f v4.8.3.tar.gz 
cp xrootd-4.8.3/bindings/python/ 
pushd xrootd-4.8.3/bindings/python/ 
python install
rm -rf xrootd-4.8.3 

Check whatever version of xrootd you have and substitute the numbers above. You can find the file here, or from:

My pyxrootd ended up installed here:


To check open up python3 and try to import pyxroot.

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